Monday, April 28, 2014

We're back!!

So after taking a 4 year break I finally decided to start blogging again.  So much has happened! I now have 4 kids: Caden my genious child is going to be 8 in June and can't wait to be baptized, Olivia the angel girl is going to be 6 in June and is my life saver. She is going to be the best little mommy someday. Treyson is going to be 3 in May and is recovering from a broken femur (more to come about that) and Austin was born October 10th of last year and we all just adore his cuteness.  We also have 2 dogs. Huck is our lab and he is as dumb and an ox but we still love him (I will also post more wild stories about him later.  I could write a book!) and Toby is our cute little morkie. Mike is still currently working at Melaleuca and is loving it.  Here are some photos of our adventures from the last few years. Enjoy! 
Austins Blessing day

                                                               Our little Toby dog

                                                             We love the drive-in
                                                            Boating at the cabin
                                                                  More of the cabin
                                                               Sweet baby boy
Hiking in St. George

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markandjenny said...

Glad to have ya back! Fun to see an update.