Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Trey's Broken Femur

I wanted to do a post about the story of Treyson's broken femur.  So here it is. It was Saturday and Mike had been working in the garage all day so we decided to do something fun with the kids that evening.  My sister happened to call and invite us to go to I Jump with them the kids were so excited. The place was packed when we got there so Mike took trey to the wee jump area which is designated for children under "48. We thought that would be safe since no one over that height was allowed in.  I took the older kids to the other side of the park.  I came over to check on Trey and he was sitting on Mikes lap and his face was completely pale. I immediately knew something had happened.  A 200 pound 40 year old man decided to jump in the middle of all the little kids and bounce his daughter. He landed right on treys leg as he was trying to climb out of the foam pit.  I tried to stand Trey up but he wouldn't put any weight on it. So then laid him down and took his pants off. His leg was very obviously broken. I was totally freaked out. We picked him up and as we were headed out the door Mike walked past the guy and told him he broke our sons leg and he very rudely said "well why don't you just get out of here then." I thought Mike was going to kill him! I finally convinced Mike to leave the jerk and get in the car. After what seemed like eternity we got to the emergency room where they gave trey some morphine and he was finally able to relax. Taking the x rays was horrible he cried and cried. I hate feeling so helpless. I just wanted to trade him places. Then the orthopedic surgeon came and told us he would need surgery. Our doctor was awesome and said he would do the surgery that night. Before they took him back Mike and his dad gave him a blessing. We all felt very comforted. I am so grateful I have a husband who has the priesthood. The worst part of the night was when they had to take him out of my arms and I wasn't allowed to follow. We sat in the waiting room and waited and waited. I was almost grateful I had to keep little Austin with me. He gave me something to do. Nursing babies can't leave their mommas! Finally they called and said he was in recovery. They also said while he was under the doctor decided to try and set the bone before they opened him up and it worked! They didn't have to do surgery. That's the power of the priesthood right there! When they finally allowed us to see him he had a cast on him that went from his ribs all the way to his toes. Its called a spica cast. I'm pretty sure the devil made them because they are the worst things ever! So then I got Trey and Mike all settled in their room and then I had to take the baby home. The hospital wouldn't let him stay. Leaving him there was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but he had his dad and I had to take care of the baby. The next morning I got up at 5 and went straight to the hospital. After treys vitals were all good and we were able to find a car seat that would fit him in his gigantic cast we were headed home.  We had a really long road ahead of us.
The next 6 weeks were tough to say the least. My active 2 year old was stuck in this horrible cast. Ipads and netfix were our best friends.  The diaper changing was terrible. There was a small hole in the bottom where I could stuff a small size 1 diaper but it wasn't very affective. It leaked all the time. So after 6 weeks of leaking pee all over you can imagine how he smelled! For the first 3 weeks he had terrible muscle spasms that kept him from sleeping. He would fall asleep and about 5 minutes later he would wake up screaming. Mike was amazing with him. He slept with him every night. I had to get up with he baby so he really stepped up. Over all Trey was a real trooper. I can think of very few tantrums.

After almost 7 weeks we were finally able to get that horrible thing off! I was better than Christmas! Trey was really nervous but he did good. He didn't even cry. His joints were very stiff and it was painful for him to move them. He still has to wear a splint and isn't able to put any weight on it yet but anything is better than that cast! Trey is like a different little boy. He is so happy and almost always has a smile on his face. They say it might be months before he walks again and then we have to be very careful with him. His bone is still fragile. I'm so grateful its over! I know Heavenly Father gives us trials to challenge us and make us stronger.  I defiantly feel like I have grown from this experience. I have learned to not only rely on my husband for strength but on my Father in Heaven. I had many breakdowns and I could feel Him picking me back up telling me I could do it.


markandjenny said...

Terrible! Poor little guy and poor mom! I can't even imagine dealing with that cast for 7 weeks.

Rasmussens said...

Love that tough little man!!! So glad he got that thing off.