Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blessing Day!

We blessed Livvy this last Sunday. It was such a great day. Mike did an amazing job. Not only did he bless her but him and his sisters sang in sacrement. Afterwards everyone came to my parents house for brunch. I want to say thanks to all our friends and family for comming!

I had so much fun dressing her. Doesn't she look pretty!

Caden got a little jelous that I was taking all the picture of Livvy. So I had to throw one in for him!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Crazy Weekend

We had another busy weekend. I don't think we have had one weekend this whole summer where we could just do nothing! Mikes sister Michelle came up on Tuesday with Brooke's kids and her little Sage. On Thursday we went to the nature park and ate Subway sandwiches and fed the ducks. Caden thought throwing the bread in the water was the funnest thing ever. Then Friday we went out to Mendenhall's and had a bar b que. It was really fun and Caden had a blast playing with his cousins. Then Saturday all my family came up for my uncle's baby blessing so we all went to lava hot springs and went swimming all day. It was a blast! I havn't been there sence I was a kid. Then on Sunday we drove back down to Pocatello and went to the baby blessing. Marshall did a great job. And there little Ashton is so cute! Afterwards we ate lunch at the park and headed home. We had to rest all day Monday so we could catch up!

Doesn't Livvy look cute in her little swimming suit!