Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween this year was so much fun. Caden is finally getting old enough to understand whats its all about! Melaleuca (where Mike works) has all the employees families come trick or treating and it is so much fun they have the place totally decked out. Each department has a different theme. It is really cute. Mikes department did a Jail theme.
We went up to Rexburg to do trick or treating. We started at my parents house and my mom made what she called witches brew and goblins guts. She makes it every year. Caden thought the witches brew was totally awesome
Livvy was a unicorn and she was absolutely adorable!

Caden was a doctor. He was very cute as well

For Family home evening we carved Pumpkins. We had Mikes mom and dad come over. We do this with them every year. Mikes dad can carve a pretty mean pumpkin!

The finished product