Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Holidays

I had to take a break from the blog for the holidays because I was so crazy busy. So this is going to be a catch up post.

For Thanksgiving we went with my family up to the cabin. We had a really good time. There was a ton of people there and the food was delicous.

Then for grandparents 50th anniversary we were in Salt Lake. We stayed at little america and Caden had a blast swimming in the pool. We also walked around temple square and looked at eh lights and then went to a jazz game. Sunday we were able to go to the Christmas spoken word on temple square which was amazing. And then we went to the brunch that Little American has on Sundays. Delicous. The whole weekend was so much fun!
Me and Caden swimming at the hotel
Mike and I at the Jazz game
Livvy at the Jazz game
Caden and Grandpa at the Jazz game
Santa Clause came to see us when we were eating brunch

For Christmas we were in Island Park again at a cabin that Mikes parents rented. We had such a wonderful time. We ate a ton of food, played games, and played in the snow. While we were there it snowed like 4 feet. We were a little nervous that we were going to get stuck there for a few more days. I think secretly we all hoped that would happen! Christmas day was awsome. Santa brought Caden a Black and Decker tool set and Olivia got a build a bear. Mike got a shotgun, and I got a new cell phone. I think overall we were pretty spoiled.

Caden and Morgan playing in the snow

Mike had a blast in all the new powder
Suzan made the christmas eve dinner table so cute! The theme was snowflakes

The cousins doing the nativity scene
All the cousins in their christmas eve pjs
Caden and Olivia in their Christmas eve pjs

Caden seeing what santa brought him for the first time

For New Years We were once again in Island Park at my family's cabin. We just hung out, played games and rode snomobiles. It was a fun, relaxing time. It was so nice to have Mike off work for 2 whole weeks! He took some much neede time off.

Caden and Olivia on the sled

Me and Caden going down the big hill

Caden thought he was pretty cool all dressed up in his snow clothes

We had a wonderful holiday season. It was nice to just hang out with family. I can't wait for it to come again next year!