Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. The kids are at really fun ages. They were so excited to go to bed on Christmas eve. We spent Christmas with the Mendenhalls this year. All of Mikes family was home except Brooke and we missed her. It was crazy and a lot of fun. We were very spoiled this year. I'm so greatful to have everything that we have. We are very blessed.

Livvy and her new kitchen
Caden and his criss cross crash. Its all he talked about for like 2 months before Christmas. He was very excited.

Livvy and her new baby. I think she liked the 10 dollar baby more than the kitchen. Oh well!

I love their faces in this picture

Everyone checking out with santa brought

All the kids in their Christmas jammies

Mikes mom got all the girls these adorable matching outfits.

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